• PIC 20081001 PIC 20081001 child holding harlequin snake1To ensure service excellence and to maintain credibility with all clients.
  • To ensure that biodiversity and all natural processes are sensitively protected, skilfully managed, and sustainably utilised.
  • To be committed to skills transfer and the development of conservation staff throughout Africa.
  • To provide value for money to our clients.
  • To uphold ethics, transparency, integrity and honesty at all times.

Main Areas of Interest

  • Integrated Terrestrial and Marine Conservation Management
  • Wildlife and Conservation photography
  • Monitoring and Effectiveness Evaluations of Protected Areas
  • Improving Managment Effectiveness of Protected Areas
  • Ecosystem based approaches to management
  • Developing management strategies for rare and endangered species
  • Capacity development of conservation personnel
  • Conservation related conflict resolution
  • Conservation media awareness

Founding Member: Peter Chadwick

As a dedicated conservationist, Peter Chadwick has over 25 years of experience in terrestrial and marine protected area management. His extensive experience has been gained through the direct management of large public and private terrestrial protected areas, marine protected areas, world heritage sites, transfrontier parks and biosphere reserves.

Having worked within all of the major biomes in southern Africa, his special interests are in integrated operational management, ecosystem based approaches to management, improving the management effectiveness of protected areas, developing management strategies for rare and endangered species and in capacity development of conservation personnel.

Most recently, he has managed an integrated ocean management programme that focused on supporting and improving Marine Protected Area management in South Africa and the sub-region (A detailed C.V. is available on request).

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